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While checking out Twitter over the weekend, I saw a tweet from @GustavoLlamas (local rider and one of the BikeTown winners) showing fellow riders of the Saturday, September 12 edition of Critical Mass Miami at a pub. The gentleman pictured had a shirt that called my attention, so I asked Gustavo to post a pic that showed the shirt better. Indeed it said what I thought it said:

I (Bike) Miami Shirts @ Critical Mass, by Gustavo Llamas - http://mypict.me/show.php?id=CZFw

Needless to say, I want one for myself and my wife as well. An email, and a couple of Facebook messages later, I’d been informed the shirts were made by Emerge Miami for the Critical Mass ride and were being sold for $15. Alas, they only made S, M, L on this first print run, so my “fuller” frame will have to wait until the next batch for one. Okay, make it two.

If you are interested in getting one, drop by this Facebook page and leave a comment. Like me, I’m sure you’ll be contacted soon enough. I’m also sure that a more efficient sales method will show up soon as well (I almost said “will emerge” but I decided to spare you the pun).

I (Bike) Miami

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