[Lady Blackbird] Welcome to the Wild Blue Yonder

I finally managed to get together with my Wednesday night Skype gaming group (Rich Rogers & Mick Bradley of Canon Puncture and Chuck Hedden). Ever since playing a session of Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies back in July, while I was in Puerto Rico, I’d been unable to rejoin them for anything. Tonight, however, it happened. Except it almost didn’t.

I went on Skype and found only Mick. Rich was apparently having problems with his computer so would not be joining us. I figured I’d just chat with Mick for a while, and while were setting things up, we see Arnold, a friend of Rich’s from Jacksonville, come online. Then we see Rich, and then he disappears. Long story short, 15 minutes later we were all there, and after some more finagling with PowerGrammo by Rich, we decided to get our game on and play. What game? Not S7S, and not the playtest of Rich’s baseball RPG called Making the Bigs or his Game Chef 09 entry. So we played Lady Blackbird.

Lady Blackbird is a short-form game/adventure mod created by John Harper. The document is 15 pages long, and it contains a starting situation, a map with some entries, 5 pre-generated characters, a ship technical readout and the rules (which are, in essence, a very stripped down version of The Solar System as found in The Shadow of Yesterday). A character’s sheet is half the character info and stats, and half all the rules the player will need to play the game. The scenario is intriguing in that it has tons of potential for story all presented at the moment when it is all about to explode. Since the story can go in a thousand directions based on the actions of the players and the GM, it works out as a great, no-prep RPG. It’s a free download, so get it and check it out.

With Mick having played it once before and deciding to continue playing the same character, Naomi Bishop, Arnold chose the goblin Snargle, while I decided to play Kale Arkam, the first mate of The Owl.

And thus our story goes…


  1. This was a great experience for me, which means Lady Blackbird is now 2-for-2 in providing me some great rpg fun. I love what you did with Kale, and I have good feelings about the possibility of this game going well with Chuck back in the mix as Vance.

    Hey, you should drop in a link to your Kale post into your last sentence above, now that you’ve posted it.


  2. I admit I was a bit skeptical about the “game” due to the hype, but yeah, it was spot on. I can see that working for a lot of little situations very nicely. Let’s see what happens next time we game.


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