A Most Hearthfelt Thank You

There are days when you are feeling down and something happens that restores not only how you feel but also your general outlook on life. Yesterday was one of those days.

Tuesday was not a good day for me. I felt down, sad and quite lonely, especially at night. Early yesterday morning, nursing a mild hangover, I get an email from (met-in-person-once-but-mostly-online) friend and fellow podcaster Adam Pinilla (The Podgecast) offering some words of support and asking if he had my permission to do something for me, open a ChipIn account to help out. I had no idea what ChipIn was, but it’s not hard to figure it out; I said “sure” and gave him my PayPal email acct. Then I went out to visit Mom at the hospital and do a few other things.

When I got back in the late afternoon and opened Twitter, I saw a barrage of @replies show up on my personal @Highmoon account, and many more on my @GamerTraveler account as well. I followed the link provided by Adam (@bafadam) and saw the page he created at Chipin. I then saw the little widget that tracks the donations and was, honestly, moved to tears.


I could write a long message to every single person who retweeted Adam’s message and to those who donated, but wordy as I am, I can’t quite articulate how I feel. Instead, from myself, my wife and my mother, I simply say to you:

To @bafadam and every single one of you who RT and helped. Re... on Twitpic


  1. Thank you, to all of you out there who care so much about my husband as to give of yourself even in these tough times, to help us at this moment. You cannot know how deeply you have touched us all.
    Thank you.


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