New Car!

What a welcome back to town... on TwitpicMy wife got to Miami yesterday, Sunday, early in the morning. Her mom picked her up and they went off to do a bunch of stuff. Late at night, when they went to get my wife’s car from her mom’s house, she realized that they had broken into the car and stolen the radio. They didn’t break any windows so it seems they used a tool, and the radio removal was actually fairly clean, except that when they pulled, they yanked the center panel forward as well, and now the AC is inoperable since one cannot reach the levers.

Needless to say we were both fairly pissed (my wife way more, obviously). Here she is, returning home from having spent a week and a half with me in Puerto Rico, taking care of my mom in the hospital, doing a noble deed, and this is what greets her upon getting back home. I mean, we are firm believers that everything happens for a reason, but it doesn’t stop us from saying a few expletives when something like this happens! As we conversed on the phone the issue of getting a new car came up again; it’s something we have been talking about for a while, something we need. For the record, her car that got broken into is a 96 Toyota Corolla, a great car, but it’s up in years and miles.

Surprise! my new car! Still shaking. on TwitpicThis evening I get a call from her that, along with her parents, she’s at South Florida Toyota checking out cars and that they have found a perfect car for her, a used 2009 Toyota Matrix with 14,000 miles. Her parents helped us (well, her really, but you know) with the downpayment and a couple hours later I get this pic on my phone: my wife has now a new car!!!

My wife totally deserves this, and more. She works super hard and it’s good to see that work rewarded. Yes it means some adjustments, but it is all for the better. I know I will feel a lot better knowing she’s in a safer, more dependable car now. Plus, let’s face it, it’s super cute! I love the color, and we know from experience with a friend of ours that the Matrix is spacious enough for all our needs, starting with fitting my frame comfortably inside.

So, there we go, we have a new car! Yay for my wife, many thanks to her parents, and woohoo all around!


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