Mom’s Post-Surgery Update

It’s been almost a week since Mom’s surgery. All this time she has been in Intensive Care Unit where, if nothing else, she has dedicated nurse attention round the clock.

She has been delicate for the most part, though amazingly, she’s fighting to recover. Her pulse and pressure remain stable in general, fluctuating only when she has bouts of pain, which unfortunately are fairly often. At the moment she’s on the Fentanyl patch 50mg plus Demerol every 4 hours, and even that doesn’t take all the pain away. She describes it as her intestines turning and squeezing; the surgery wound, funny enough, is the least source of pain.

A day after surgery, her right-side neck lymph node swelled up slowly during the day, and it was very tender and painful to even the slightest touch. Her right arm and leg also swelled up around the same time. The arm could have been that the barrage of IV liquids infiltrated the arm, but even so it was huge (so swollen that her skin color was white). While the nasogastric tube is working like it’s never worked before, she still has occasional stomach discomfort; she’s getting Pepcid via IV for that. She’s still getting the Clinimix along with Intralipid, both for nutrient. The Dr. also ordered an antibiotic for the lymph node swelling, but I don’t know the name.

The Dr. spoke clearly with my sister: she doesn’t have that much time, a few months, and the cancer is far more aggressive than we thought; it could be moving to other parts of her system, though we don’t know for sure yet.

We have done some investigating and have some good and encouraging info about hospice, if the time comes for that. Right now she’s to remain in ICU and only when she’s stable enough will she be moved to a room. We don’t know when that will happen.

Mom’s a fighter, and I know she’ll continue to put on the good fight, with G-d’s help.


  1. Robin added your mother to a community prayer list she maintains for people around the world. I’ve been contributing tzedaka in her name.


  2. Hey Daniel:

    I’m really sorry about your mom. Cancer sucks.

    Hope you’re remembering to take care of yourself too. It’s hard on everyone.


  3. @Matt – Thanks. And yes, I have an army of relatives forcing me to take showers and eat regular meals, plus friends who pick me up to go do other stuff, like play the Star Wars Sith PTA games. 🙂

    @Fraser – Thanks, Fraser. The last thing one loses is hope, so yeah.


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