I’m Getting Clean… GeekyClean!

I got my @GeekyClean soaps! Upon returning from Puerto Rico, I eagerly picked up a package that had been waiting for me at the Post Office. The folks at Geeky Clean, makers of gamer- and geek-inspired soaps, sent me some sample bars for me to try out and review, and frankly, I could not wait to get to it.

I met the Geeky Clean crew on Twitter when they began following my @GamerTraveler profile. When I saw the name of the account/company, I had to go check it out. I immediately loved the idea, in no small part thanks to those pretty 20-sided dice floating in the middle of the multicolored bars of glycerin (though they do have other varieties with different things stuck inside). I immediately started a back-and-forth via Twitter and no later than an hour or two later, we had exchanged emails as we discussed ways to help them promote their product. These upcoming reviews are one of those ways.

My wife and I have already been using the Health bar and we’ll go through all three in order to offer both a male and female perspective on the soaps. So far we both quite like them.

In the meantime, go and check out GeekyClean.com and marvel at the selection of geek soaps they offer, then follow them on Twitter @GeekyClean for new product announcements and surprise sales on their merchandise.

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