Returning to Miami

With Mom, my sister and nephews at the beach in Luquillo I return to Miami today and leave Mom fairly stable, but at least out of the hospital. She was discharged last Sunday, and by Wednesday morning we were back at the ER because she had not properly digested the food she ate on Tuesday and her stomach was destroyed. On Wednesday morning I was afraid she would be hospitalized again, but thank G-d she wasn’t. Then this morning there was another scare, but eventually she got better on her own and not only did she eat some crackers, we were able to take her to the beach, nearby.

I’m dead beat, and tired to the bone. Even now I am awake as I get ready to fly out to Miami, having just finished packing my suitcase. I know I’m gonna crash once I sit in the plane. I return worried but thankful for the few victories we had: hemoglobin stable and even increasing a bit after discharge; digestive system settling down and starting to work with Mom, not against her; not in the hospital.

Here’s hoping that my next trip is under far better circumstances.