(Yet Another) Update from Puerto Rico

I’ve been here for a week now and things have been very much up and down, though looking to stabilize now. My wife joined me down here last week, which was heaven-sent as she’s my pillar of strength and she was able to lend me her support during a couple of rough spots during the weekend. Mom continues in the hospital and she’s still loosing blood through G-d-knows-where; she’s been transfused a total of 6 pints of blood since Thursday, May 28th and she may have one more put in tomorrow. For the most part she’s managing her pain in the legs and back, though a few times she’s been surprised by how bad the pain can get if she doesn’t take her medicines on time. Honestly, we’re at a loss at the moment as to what to do next, though of immediate concern is getting her digestive tract working properly on its own and trying to slow down the internal bleed (99% sure it’s in the small intestine). Thankfully, overall she’s been strong and willfull, so that helps immensely (plus I know me being here helps). If she’s stable enough I have plans to take a night off to hang out with my friends and roleplay a bit (the Star Wars: The Sith Triumvirate Primetime Adventures game) this coming Wednesday. I’ll continue to update as we move along.


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