An Update About Mom

I’ve been back for a whole week now, and given the various updates, it’s good I waited to send this one out.

I returned to Miami last Friday, May 1st, and that same afternoon, Mom was discharged from the hospital, after 38 days in it. She is now living with my sister so someone can keep an eye on her while she recovers. She still has the clots in her left leg, but she’s using an anticoagulant to help control the swelling that would otherwise render her leg useless. She also continues to take her medicine for the tumor, and so far it seems to be doing well.

The last week has been one of adjustments, but I continue to be amazed and humbled by my Mother’s fighting spirit, even on the days when she’s overwhelmed. Right now it’s a matter of helping her learn to adjust to her new lifestyle, and continue to keep an eye on the development of the tumors to see if they go into remission (G-d willing). She’ll have more CT scans done in the near future to keep track of things.

It took me a full week to recover, and I’m now back in full to my regular routine. I think I will be going down to Puerto Rico sometime in June just to check up on her and help her out with whatever she may need.

Thanks a million to every single person, whether close friend, acquaintance or even people who only know me through my podcast/blog/company/etc. who sent a good word, thought, prayer or wish our way, whether by written or spoken means. I am sure that it was that massive wave of positivity and caring that worked wonders in Mom’s health and allowed her to go back home, regardless of the adjustments needed. I am forever grateful.