Pesach Kosher v’Sameach

That card makes me laugh.  🙂

Almost done getting ready for Passover. Today is a very hectic day which began early as we did morning prayers then took a moment to recite Birkat Hachmah, the blessing of the sun, a blessing recited only once every 28 years, at the time when the sun is in the position in the sky as it was created on the fourth day of Creation. The rabbi said some words after the blessing that stuck with me (I paraphrase):

G-d gave us science to understand this world He gave us, but science is limited by our senses, by what we can perceive with them. We also have something that transcends the senses, we have emunah (faith). We see that nature works as it should, like clockwork, and this is because G-d makes it so every day; so it is with our lives, which we lead day by day, but which are also overseen by G-d to work as they should.

He said it far more eloquently, but that is the gist of it. Today we blessed G-d for continuing the work of Creation, and tonight we will bless Him for having liberated us from Egypt. Just as Creation is made every day at every moment, so will tonight we be liberated as well from our personal and collective Mitzrayim (the Hebrew word for Egypt, which also means limitation).

I must run now to burn the chametz and get ready.

To all the Jews out there, especially to all my Jewish friends, whatever your level of observance, I wish to you a happy and kosher Passover (Pesach Kosher v’Sameach). Remember to try to eat some matzah tonight or tomorrow, and if you can attend a seder as well (find one near you at any Chabad).

See you on the other side of the Sea of Reeds!