Help Me Know Dave Arneson

So Dave Arneson, co-creator of D&D, is still with us, though in hospice. I pray for his health and for as best a time as G-d sees fit to grant him still.

I realized yesterday, though, when all the rumors about Dave’s passing were flying around, that as a gamer of more than 20 years, I know very little about Dave Arneson and his legacy in roleplaying games and in D&D specifically. Grognardia published an early In Memoriam yesterday that has some lengthy info on Dave’s place in gaming. I can’t thank James Maliszewski enough for that, but I’d like more (and James delivers with a Retrospective on The First Fantasy Campaign).

Before he’s gone, I would love to know more about this man who co-created the game that I so love and about whom I know very little. I am in no position to research such a blog post/podcast show right now due to Passover and travel next week, but if anyone out there is, and can do a post, or better yet, a podcast episode, to bring Dave out of “obscurity,” I would appreciate it tons, and I know many others would as well.


  1. Daniel, my understanding is that he is the one who proposed to Gygax the idea of individual heroes in miniature games.

    That rather than command an army, players take the role of an individual. And well, the rest is history…

    That’s what I’ve read, anyway.

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  2. I took a class that he Prof’ed about two years ago. He had lots of great stories about old games and cons. He was still DMing a game of OD&D for the other Profs (would have loved to have got in on that!) He still had a sharp mind about games, and even discussed some cool ideas for video games. He told me the story about discovering his first D20.

    I only knew him for for about 100 hours or so, but he struck me as a very intelligent, creative, and kind man. I am very grateful to have met him and shook his hand.

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