I’ve Joined the RPG Bloggers Network

I applied to, and was accepted into, the RPG Bloggers Network, a group of RPG bloggers who have banded together to help promote each others’ blogs, as well as exchange ideas and tips on being a better gamer and blogger. One of my other sites, The Gamer Traveler, is already part of the network, but I wanted to join with my personal blog because this is where I give free reign to general gaming thoughts (The Gamer Traveler is, as the name suggests, very focused). By joining the network, these posts (only those tagged RPG) will now be exposed to a bigger readership, and that hopefully will help to stimulate more conversations in response to whatever I post as well as promote the games I talk about (not necessarily always D&D) to a wider audience.

Frankly, I am also hoping that other non-D&D bloggers, especially those in the indie scene, will follow suit and consider joining as well. The network can only benefit from a wider influx of ideas about gaming, and there are some very stimulating posts going on in the indie blogging scene that would be of worth to many more gamers than are currently seeing them.

Drop by the RPG Bloggers Network and check out all the great blogs out there.


  1. Fantastic–I’d love to see more blogs that cover small press and indie games as well as just the various iterations of D&D. I want it all! 🙂


  2. I’m a Savage Worlds GM myself. Most of what gets written over at my place is SW related. I do occasionaly post D&D stuff but that’s usually in realtion to my Sunady afternoon game group. We play 2e AD&D then.

    Vulcan Stev’s last blog post..I Do….


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