BATTLES BC Brings the Ancient World to Life

Fans of Targum Magazine will have a field day with History Channel’s new series, Battles BC. Here’s the blurb from

Their feats are legendary. Serving as a blueprint for warfare thousands of years later, the strategic military prowess of ancient warriors are still analyzed today. The new HISTORY™ series, BATTLES BC, uses a stunning graphic style comparable to 300, the hit feature film, to show leaders from the ancient world in some of the greatest conflicts in history. The eight episode series premieres Monday, March 9th at 9pm ET/PT on HISTORY.

These are the tales of historic battles and bloodshed. Now, with cutting edge animation techniques, and the expertise of military historians—BATTLES BC explores the strategies, tactics and weapons used by ancient commanders such as Hannibal, David, Caesar and Alexander. The truths and myths behind these heroes and villains are brought to life, in dramatic and epic proportions.

BATTLES BC provides fresh insight into the icons and events that helped shape the course of ancient history.

The series plays new episodes Mondays at 9 PM on the History Channel (check your local listing) and each episode gets replayed a few times during the week. You can even head over to the Battles BCerbium doped fiber amplifier website and see a full episode, Hannibal the Annihilator.

Gamer fans of the Ancient World will find plenty of inspiration in this series. I know I am absolutely loving it so far.