Have a Super St. Paddy’s Day with Highmoon Games

As any fan of Highmoon Games knows, International Ireland Day is a big deal around here. Every year I put together an Irish-themed product and release it on this day for your enjoyment.

This year, due to a family issue, I was not able to get anything ready. I couldn’t let the day pass unnoticed, however, so I had to take action!

RPG Blog Carnival

Over at The Gamer Traveler, I put together a special, St. Patrick’s Day RPG Blog Carnival. I posted an article entitled “The Banshee of Kilmainham Gaol” which you should go and read, and will gather a host of other Irish-themed posts during the day. Later today or tomorrow, there will be a round-up with all the posts.

Free Game Product

Second, I am giving away for FREE (March 17-18) our St. Patrick’s Day product from last year, Heroic Moments: St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Special Edition), for the 4C System of marvelous superheroics! In this ready-to-run scenario, an ancient Celtic goddess seeks to ruin the St. Paddy’s Day parade in The City and the heroes are called in to save everyone. It comes with two pre-made heroes, too, so combine it with the free 4C System Core Rules, and you have your game set for tonight!

Enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day as much as we will and raise a pint to good gaming!