Lonnie Ezell Wants to Help You Go From Zero2Novel

Friend and HMP Freelance Author Lonnie Ezell (Daughter of the Sun, Liber Sodalitas: The Dream Healers) has been busy this year with various personal projects.

LonnieEzell.com: Updates, New Fiction and a New Course!

Lonnie’s working on developing a new iPhone application (the nature of it is still hush-hush), has launched a new look for his website, and made his Fantasy Thriller novel, Daughter of the Sun, available for the Kindle and iPhone platforms.

Two items in particular, however, have us really excited:

Lonnie is soon to begin publishing more fiction set in the thrilling world of Daughter of the Sun. First off is “Raising the Sun,” a short story set a millennium before the events of DotS and which will be serialized on Lonnie’s website and Facebook Fan Page; and news of continuing work on Heir of Fire, book two in the Sundered Breath trilogy.

The second item is the launch of Zero2Novel.com, Lonnie’s online course on novel writing.

The course pulls together all of the tips and techniques from my years of studying the craft of writing, along with some brand new ideas that I’ve just found on the best ways to use the mind to help you out.

Lonnie has been working on this course for a couple of years now and we are excited to see it finally done and released. If you are an aspiring novel writer, drop by Zero2Novel.com and check it out.

We wish Lonnie all the best, and we’ll continue to update everyone on further news.