The Digital Front Episode 13 – E-Publishing Seminar at Gen Con 2008

In The Digital Front – Episode 13 we present a recording of the E-Publishing Seminar held at Gen Con 2008, sponsored by The host is Steve Wieck of OneBookShelf (owners of and, and the panelists are Gareth-Michael Skarka of Adamant Entertainment, Ryan Johnson of Guild of Blades Publishing, and Daniel M. Perez of Highmoon Media Productions. The seminar discusses how to become an e-publisher, a look at the e-publishing market, methods to market your e-products, and some thoughts about the future of the medium.

This episode marks the first anniversary of The Digital Front. Many thanks to everyone who has listened to the show and sent in their feedback, and especially to all my guests so far, without whom there would be no show.

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Download TDF – 13