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A few weeks ago I got an email from Jim W. Harper, columnist for Biscayne Times (Harper’s Environment), with a request for an interview about bicycling in Miami. I happily agreed and a couple of emails later it was all done. The current edition of the Biscayne Times has the article that includes part of that interview. You can read it online, or track down a print copy at The Daily restaurtant or other locations.


Two Wheels Are Better Than Four

Written By Jim W. Harper    

[…] local blogger Daniel Perez owns a car but chooses to bike daily. He believes that flat, warm Miami is optimal for cycling. “Having been to Europe a couple of times, especially on my visits to Amsterdam, I was familiar and in love with the idea of the bike as a primary means of transportation,” says Perez. “After bemoaning the fact that Miami was a place that could have such a great bike scene but didn’t, my wife and I both decided to be the change we wanted to see. Riding our bikes has made us connect more with the city, with our surroundings, and made us feel good about doing our little part toward the conservation of our environment.”

Read the article.


Overall, I liked the article and the promotion it gives to Bike Miami Days (already declared a monthly event since the writing of the article). I wish Jim had included a link back to this blog, but that’s about my only gripe. I also wish the Biscayne Times website allowed comments to be added to a news story, and the suggestion has been emailed to the newspaper.

Hey, Jim, we’ll see you at the next Bike Miami, right?


  1. Hi Daniel — thanks for the interview; hope to see you at the next Bike Miami. Not a full-fledged biker yet, but I’m ready to give up the car for a scooter.


  2. If I don’t have to travel at the last moment like in Feb and March, yes, I’ll be at the next Bike Miami for sure. Our bikes should be easy to recognize, so if you see us, say hi, please.

    Take care.


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