Back from Seattle


I just got back from a 10-day trip to Seattle, land of many hills and even more bikes. Seriously, people talk about Portland as a mecca for cyclists, but Seattle doesn’t stay far behind. At any time of the day one can see cyclists going about their business all over the city and outlying areas, riding on the street, down the miles and miles of clearly designated and respected bike lanes, or sharing the road with their multi-tonned engined cousins. This is a city where cyclists are part and parcel of the normal flow of traffic, a worthy example for other cities to emulate.

Why is this important to this blog? Because we are considering a move to Seattle, and it was great to see that we would be able to continue our bike-riding ways in the Emerald City. Though there might come a day when this blog changes name to Slow Bike Seattle, for the time being we are still Slow Bike Miami Beach, and with Bike Miami Days coming this Sunday, Dec. 14, expect more cycling blogging from the Magic City (who named Miami the Magic City anyway?).

In the meantime, behold one of the more colorful bikes we encountered around Seattle, the Cow Bike:



  1. Yeah, whoever named Miami the Magic city is probably the same person who named Seattle the Emerald City. Meh. Do wish Miami would emulate Seattle a little and give us bikers a little room on the roads…


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