Fergus McFufu

I have posted pics of my cats before, but there are hardly that many pics of my rabbit, Fergus, so here are a couple:

Fergus & His Treat


Here he’s playing with a log treat I gave him. Fergus’ nickname here is Spykiller, because he is suspicious of everything that comes into his area. He always eyes his food, especially if it’s something he doesn’t recognize, and every toy or treat gets tossed about a few times before he gives it more than cursory attention. This log, for example, got tossed about like a caber at a Highlands Games for a good five minutes before he decided any spies hiding inside would be dealt with and he could go and eat the treats inside.

He’s a good bunny, actually very docile, if a bit of a recluse. His time with us, however, may be coming to an end soon, as we are starting to look for a new home for him. My wife is allergic to rabbits (something we discovered 10 years ago when we got our first, Pele) and it has gotten worse with time, not to mention we still plan on moving to Seattle, and we would not be taking him with us. We’ve also realized that our prime bunny parents time has now passed, and that’s not fair to Fergus. So we enjoy his company while he remains with us, and hope to find him a very good home that will give him all the love and attention he deserves.

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