A Two-Fisted, Pulpy Election

Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions has a special Election Day promotion running on his LiveJournal:

Spirit of the Election

A special offer in celebration of election day!           

Write one paragraph in the comments, here, detailing your fictional or real election-day adventures (whether you’re choosing to vote or not!) in the style of a pulp adventure and I’ll work it so you get a special code to either:

– Buy Spirit of the Century in PDF for only $5 (normally $15), or
– Buy Spirit of the Season in PDF for only $1 (normally $5), or
– Both!

This offer ends at midnight, so get your comment in soon!
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Drop by and share your two-fisted tale of democracy in action and score some awesome deals to these two great books.

To join the celebrations, I decided to add my own short tale, featuring some of the characters from Spirit of the Season:

It was a nice November morning, cool but not cold; the kind of temperature you can get away with just wearing a nice jacket or duster. Absentmindedly, when leaving the house, Judah Hammerstein had grabbed his mystic duster instead of his regular one. “Expecting a fight at the polls, are you?” Matthew D’Israeli teased him when they met downstairs. “Hey, winter’s just around the corner, and you know what the snow tends to bring.” They both laughed it off as they walked to the polling location. 

Judah stood in the long line waiting for his turn to cast his vote. Sitting on a nearby bench, still visible from Judah’s current place in the line, Matthew happily gulped down the stash of roast beef-on-rye sandwiches he’d brought. Not yet a citizen, Ben had to sit this election out, though he certainly hoped to remedy that for the next one. About twenty feet ahead, he was pretty sure he saw Codenames Dancer and Prancer in their civilian guises also waiting for their turn at the polls, and he briefly wondered where Nick Saint and the rest of the Reindeer Men voted. Uptown? Brooklyn? Queens, maybe?  

His reverie was abruptly broken when a scream erupted from within the polling place, immediately followed by dozens more. Chaos exploded as people ran in all directions. Chairs and desks flew through the air, some almost landing on a group of frightened citizens save for Matthew’s quick reflexes and brick-hard fists. In an instant, Matthew was at Judah’s side, with Codenames Dancer and Prancer, now in full costume, joining their allies scant seconds later.

“Good to see you, girls,” Matthew greeted the twins. “Live nearby?”
“What do we have here, Hammerstein?” Prancer asked, ignoring Matthew’s question.

From the building where people were supposed to be doing their civic duty emerged a figure clad in a red and black military uniform, chest covered in what seemed to be hundreds of tiny golden medals, a flowing cape catching the autumn breeze. “Flee, you insignificant plebes! I declare the Election Day at an end. For now begins my time as sole ruler of this nation and the world! Say good bye to democracy and say hello to THE DESPOT!!!”

Dancer chuckled. “The Despot? Is that the best he could do?”
“And here I thought we still had a few weeks to wait before the busy season. Good thing I grabbed this duster this morning, eh, Matthew?” Judah said something in Hebrew under his breath and instantly the foursome were surrounded by crackling mystic energy.
“I say we get this done fast so you chaps can get back to your voting,” Matthew said as he cracked his knuckles.

Nodding in agreement, as one, the quarter pounced forth to deliver two-fisted justice.


  1. Wonderful!

    I assume that picture is from Spirit of the Season. I own the book but haven’t read it yet. Why the word “Hagganah?” I know it as the name of the Jewish militia of British mandatory Palestine. Perhaps Judah Hammerstein uses it in a different context?


  2. Thanks. Yes, it is an illustration from Spirit of the Season.

    It means “protection.” We checked with a couple of Israeli gamers to make sure we got the right definition.


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