MonkeyGod Presents: Caravan of Hope – Now Available

Highmoon Media Productions and MonkeyGod Enterprises present Caravan of Hope.

A caravan of mercy is in need of some worthy adventurers to accompany it to the beleaguered elves of Northwood.

Easy enough, right? Wrong!

The trail strays across the dreaded Blood Plateau. On the way, our heroes must overcome assassination attempts, baby stealing goblins, and a tribe of blood thirsty orcs. All this only to discover they have been duped into helping out a pair of drug smugglers.

Caravan of Hope is a 3.5 fantasy adventure for 3rd & 4th level characters.

Written by: David Kurd
Cover by: David Rourke
Artwork by: Carolyne Dear, Sean Duerden, Samir Wallace
Fully Bookmarked

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