Catching Up

As is normal during the High Holy Days, I barely have time for anything. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are now past, which is shoocking considering how I was feeling that I couldn’t believe they were already here again from last year. Time moves way too fast!

The services and prayers were good and meaningful, which is awesome, as last year they didn’t quite feel that way (and I am sure that had some effect on the shitty year I had). I feel good, renewed, clean; I am aching to start things again. First, however, we gotta get through the end of the festivities, the holiday of Sukkot. I’ll be getting my four species and constructing my sukkah on Sunday, G-d willing.

Which brings me to my birthday, which is on Sunday, Oct. 12. Again, here already?! My wife is planning a surprise party (the theme is a surprise, not that I’ll be having a party) for me tomorrow night, so pics will be coming soon. Officially, I turn 34 on Sunday, and I am looking forward to enjoying the day.

I already started my birthday weekend by treating myself to the D&D 4e Adventurer’s Vault book from WotC. I’ve been very much in a 4e frame of mind lately, so I’ll talking about that more once I get some time.

Off for now.


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