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Over the years we both have owned a number of bikes, but these are the ones that we have right now, the ones we use to slow-bike our way around Miami Beach.

Danny's New Bike

This is my bike, a Schwinn Legacy Cruiser from Target. I purposely decided to get a cheap cruiser bike in order to find out if I was going to like biking everywhere, and while I gauged how much biking I would be doing. This bike is cheap but awesome, quite sturdy (it can support me just fine, and as you can see, I’m no twig) and rides pretty smooth. While a cruiser suited for paved surfaces, it actually has a little bit of off-road capabilities, not enough to tread where mountain bikes zip by, but enough to handle the ocassional dirt/grass/rock-strewn patch found so ubiquitously in Miami’s streets and sidewalks. I’ll be looking to upgrade soon, but for now, this is a great bike to have.

Yvi and Her New Bike

This is Yvette’s bike, an Electra Amsterdam Classic 3 Yellow Tulip from City Bikes in Aventura, FL. Yvette had been riding around with her old mountain bike but what she really wanted was a Dutch-style city bike, like the ones we had seen in Holland and used in Belgium, so after extensive research, she found Electra Bikes, who produce a Dutch-style series of bikes aptly named Amsterdam meant to be city commuter bikes. This bike rides like a dream. It is made of steel so it is very sturdy, yet pretty light considering. It comes with a front-wheel generator headlight, and solid back rack, not to mention the skirt guard, something you just don’t find in American bikes. The only drawback it has is that it doesn’t do off-road, however light, that well. It’s understandable, considering what it is patterned after, but as I mentioned above, the streets and sidewalks of Miami (Beach or otherwise) are not necessarily bike-friendly, so it leads to careful maneuvering. Still, a small price to pay for an amazing bike.

We also still have a Mongoose mountain bike around for whenever we may want to do some off-roading at one of the local parks.

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