Gen Con Report: Sun, Aug. 17

 We all woke up at 9 am so we could take advantage of our last day of free breakfast at the Embassy, and because with a flight at 2 pm, I had no time to loose. We were joined downstairs by Erin Moore and a very hungover David Moore, to whom we bid farewell as they headed out back to Chicago. Josh, Mick and I went upstairs to get our stuff packed up and ready for our checkout.

Josh, Mick & Me

Josh would go on to stay until Monday so I bid him farewell, and after checking out of the hotel with Mick, I bid him farewell as he would be heading out to Louisville later in the afternoon. At the checkout counter I had the fortune of meeting Eytan Bernstein, one of the people I had hoped to see during the con but had missed so far, so even if it was for a few minutes, I was glad.

I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough time to make it back to the hall before I had to leave to the airport. I like going around the hall one last time saying goodbye to everyone I know that I run into; it gives me a sense of closure for the con, and one last chance to connect with folks before I don’t see them for a year (in most cases). Thankfully I did have time, and at 11 am I was at the Exhibit Hall doing a mad-dash through the corridors saying goodbye to folks. I also had the foresight to bring my camera and take pics with some of my good friends.

Mario Dongu, Dan, Chris, Ben & Me
Ben Balestra (All Games Considered), Dan, Shawn and Mario Dongu (The Game Master Show) & Me.

Ethan Parker & Me 
Ethan Parker (Gamer’s Haven) & Me.

Don Dehm & Me 
Don Dehm (Pulp Gamer) & Me.

Judd Karlman, Rob Bohl & Me 
Judd Karlman (Sons of Kryos), Rob Bohl (The Independent Insurgency) & Me.

The Brilliant Gameologists (Meg, Josh and Zeke) & Me
Meg, Josh and Zeke (The Brilliant Gameologists) & Me.

Paul Tevis, Ryan Macklin & Me
Paul Tevis (Have Games, Will Travel: For a Few Games More), Ryan Macklin (Master Plan) & Me.
These two dudes also did This Just In… From Gen Con, a great daily live-from-the-show podcast.

After this it was the express line to the airport and a nice flight back to Miami via Air Tran, which thankfully was not disrupted by the presence of Tropical Storm Fay just south of Miami (it would not affect Josh flying in on Monday either, though it did screw up the rest of the week with tons of rain and winds). By 7 pm I was back home, having pizza with my wife, decompressing after an amazing, hectic, overwhelming, and dare I say magical weekend gaming and sharing with friends from all over the world, and wondering at the back of my head, “Is it Gen Con 2009 yet?”