A Day of Gaming

My buddy Josh (Hoade, if you’ve been following the Gen Con pics and reports) came over today and we recorded our Gen Con Wrap-up episode for The Gamer Traveler/The Digital Front. It took us forever! We had phones ring, phones vibrate, people knocking at the door, twice… I mean, seriously. The one I thought could be a problem, my cat Pip, was actually none at all.

After recording (and saving) we played a game of Monsterpocalypse with the review material Privateer Press sent me last week (completely awesome of you guys, thanks). The game is a ton of fun. Giant monsters and mecha bashing each other senseless and throwing each other against buildings and hazards? FUN! If this game wasn’t collectible, this could be a humongous hit. As it is, I really think it has potential to be big.

After we picked up my wife at her work, we got a pizza and had that over six games of Zombie Fluxx, a favorite at this house and a fantastic and fun-filled game. Let it be known that my wife is the Zombie Queen; she just seems to win every single game of Zombie Fluxx we play. And when she doesn’t, it only takes a rematch for her to claim the title again.

Lots of fun games, pizza, my wife and my best friend. What more can one ask for?