Gen Con Report: Wed, Aug. 13

A week coming, but I needed it to be able to fully digest all that happened. Buckle up, cause it’s gonna be a long one.

I arrived in Indy Wednesday, Aug. 13, by mid-afternoon and because I had to wait for David Moore (The Game Master Show) to add my name to the room’s record, I left the bags at the Embassy Suites and went out walking thinking I’d pick up my badge.

The Embassy Suites

Along the way I ran into Ed Healy (Kobold Quarterly/Atomic Array) as he arrived at his hotel, and seeing he also had to wait for his roommate to arrive and square some things, we went to get our badges and check out Indy. Gen Con Trade Day was in full swing and almost done for the day, and while Ed got his Exhibitor badge, I picked up my Trade Day pass (I get one as a member of the Press) and Trade Day swag bag. We eventually started seeing more and more of the see-them-once-a-year friends, many of them podcasters, and Ed went off to do some work on the Exhibit Hall while I went with David, Mario Dongu and the rest of The Game Master Show crew to the Red Eye Cafe. Except the Red Eye was closed as they were now doing some weird new hours. So we dipped into the Claddagh Irish Pub for some drinks and food for the rest. There we were eventually met up by Mick Bradley (TGTMB), meaning that aside from Josh, who’d be arriving the next day, my roommates were all here. A round of Guinness was had in that honor.

Guinness at the Claddagh

At the Claddagh I also saw briefly Chris Hanrahan (2d6 Feet in a Random Direction/Endgame) who introduced me equally briefly to D&D 4e Lead Developer Mike Mearls. Chris and I confirmed our panel the next day and we all went to our respective food and drinks. After the pub we went back to the Embassy; given that Press badges would be given out on Thursday morning I had nothing else to do, so we went to the lobby of the Embassy, took over three tables, and played the scenario of Vegas After Midnight that Mick and David would be running four times during the con.

Vegas After Midnight Session
L to R: Mario Dongu, David Moore, Mick Bradley & Me. Photo by Clay Karwan.

The game went extremely well and we all had a lot of fun. We were joined by Rich Rogers, Chris Norwood and Chris Perrin (Canon Puncture) and proceeded to have about three hours of awesome, campy, Vegas fun. After that we went up to our room and just talked about VAM for a while, trying to figure out the kinks and how to fix them. By then it was time to sleep, so I took a shower and then managed to fall asleep (with the help of my iPod) in the midst of a veritable snoring war between two one-night visitors, Mark Kinney (All Games Considered) and Clay Karwan (The Rolemonkeys).

It was later than I had originally planned to go to bed, but what the heck. Gen Con hadn’t officially started and I had already gotten in some gaming! Totally worth it. And that was just Wednesday.

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