Gen Con Loot

I’m still getting back to normal over here, especially with the storm Fay welcoming us South Floridians back from Indy. I still need to write my overall Gen Con report, but here’s a list of the stuff I brought back (no pic yet, later).

  1. Starblazer Adventures – The new weapon for gamers. Seriously. 600+ pages of awesomeness and lethality. You want this. Plus the deal–$60 for softcover at the show + hardcover mailed in the Fall + PDF–was just too good to pass up.
  2. Beowulf – It has a big eye on the cover and it’s staring at me right now. And it comes with the full poem! Gaming and culture all in one.
  3. Thou Art But A Warrior – Polaris via the fall of Muslim Spain. I love me some historical games, and this period doesn’t get nearly enough love. I wanted to get it signed by writer Anna Kreider but didn’t.
  4. Don’t Lose Your Mind – too late. This supplement to Evil Hat’s Don’t Lose Your Mind is a physical example of the beautiful madness tagline used for Changeling.
  5. Sweet Agatha – Not really a game, more like a literary choose-your-own-adventure. I guess. Intriguing as heck. And I still have the Missing poster from last year (somewhere).
  6. A Flower for Mara – An interactive play about death, loss, coping and the baggage we carry. I got this for various reasons, none of which I’ll go into.
  7. Witch Hunter: A Child’s Game – Because my love for that game is strong, and I’m ready to start a new adventure with my PBeM group. Plus I got some Witch Hunter character journals as a gift to my players (and one for me).
  8. An art print by Jeff Himmelman: The Witch Hunter – I’ve known Jeff for a couple of years as a podcaster, but he has been concentrating on his art hardcore lately, and it shows. He is destined to break out and be big in this industry and beyond. This print will be the cover to an upcoming Witch Hunter book (see the synergy?).
  9. Two art prints by Rebecca Guay: Athena and Dwell on the Past – My thoughts about Rebecca Guay at Gen Con deserve a post all their own. Suffice it to say if I’d had a couple thousands to spare, I would have come back from Indy with a new masterpiece for the living room.

I also got some dice (including a number of custom dice from various sources!) and a signed copy of Blackstaff Tower by Steven E. Schend.

No review copies of any game were brought back this year (though a crapload of Privateer Press’ Monsterpocalypse minis game arrived at my home the day after I got back, much to my surprise and delight). More later.


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