Mid-Gen Con Update

Taking a quick mid-day break at Gen Con before my 2pm panel today.

This place is as awesome as ever, and I cannot believe it is only Friday. I arrived Wednesday afternoon and shortly thereafter met up with Ed Healy of Kobold Magazine & Atomic Array Podcast, and it has not stopped since. Pretty much everywhere you turn there’s an old friend you haven’t seen in a year and it’s like it was only yesterday we last said hi. And honestly, that’s one of the biggest reasons to come to Gen Con.

The gaming has been fantastic as well so far. Wednesday night I played in a pre-con session of Vegas After Midnight with co-creators Mick Bradley and David Moore which was a hell of a lot of fun. Last night we played the next chapter in the Star Wars Episode LV Primetime Adventures game and that was something truly worth waiting a year for. The episode was dark and exciting and we ended up with enough time that we went right into a second episode right there. We might play again, we’ll see.

I have to run to my panel now, but I’ll try to update again. FROM GEN CON!!!