Lessons from Freelancing Web Design

A few things I’ve learned:

  1. You will never charge as much as a job is really worth and/or ends up really costing vis-a-vis the amount of work, the number of hours and the quantity of “feedback” your client gives you.
  2. You will make a website twice: first, the way you envision it based on the very vague descriptions given by your client, and second, the way they actually want it once they see your first draft and don’t like anything about it.
  3. Even if you are 100% upfront about what you can and cannot do on a site (based on what you’re charging, personal limitation, etc.), the client will always want something beyond what you stipulated.
  4. When a site is “done” is entirely subjective and your perception of that time versus that of your client always vary.
  5. You will never charge as much as a job is really worth. It bears repeating.

I’m sure there are other lessons yet to be learned. It really makes me wonder if this is worth doing on a consistent basis.