ENnie Awards 2008 Nominations, And I’m In Them!

The 2008 ENnie Awards nominations were released today, and boy, and I one giddy dude! Two products on which I worked have been nominated for awards:

Best Supplement

Best d20/d20 OGL Product

  • Codex Arcanis, Paradigm Concepts (2008 Origins Award Winner for Best Role Playing Game Supplement)

For Codex Arcanis, I did only minor additional material design in the form of some feats and a prestige class for the original softcover version, of which only the feats remained in the new hardcover version. Still, Codex Arcanis was my first game design credit in a published book, so it holds a special place in my heart (not to mention that I have a special fondness for Paradigm Concepts and Arcanis, because I’ve known the members of Team Paradigm for years, because Paradigm Concepts is a local Miami company, and because in Arcanis, Paradigm Concepts gave me my first taste of working in the industry, both with the design I did for Codex Arcanis (and some other tidbits that showed up in other books down the line) and with an adventure in the very first year of the Living Arcanis campaign).

For Spirit of the Season, I did the initial writing for the Chanukah section, then handed it off to Fred Hicks and Chad Underkoffler to awesomify, which they promptly did. I am incredibly proud of this book, in part because of the way my involvement in it came to be (see THIS and THIS), but really because of the amazing experience I had working on it, both on a personal level and on a professional level (as I wrote in the second post linked above).

Let me stress that in both nominations, I feel the credit really goes to Team Paradigm and Fred Hicks & Chad Underkoffler respectively; my contributions to those books was minor, and the honor really is mine to have my name listed next to theirs in the Credits page of those products. That said, I will savor the moment and feel proud and excited as well. I’ll be sure to post once the voting period begins.


  1. Daniel,

    Don’t think I had a chance yet to congratulate you on your nominations! Your cup runneth over! Best of luck come the awards, and hope to see you there! It was a pleasure judging your submissions!

    -Zachary Houghton


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