Back from Seattle

“Seattle seduces,” my friend Patricia warned me on our very first day in the city. She was 100% right. I absolutely loved our time in Seattle and environs and to be honest, I’d rather be there than in Miami right now.

The pics have been uploaded to Flickr and once titles and tags have been added I’ll post the link here. I will also try to fill in the blog posts I was unable to do while traveling, and post an “index” as they will be backdated.

I’m going to sya this unequivocally: my wife and I have talked about this all week long, and we have made the decision to start doing our research to move to Seattle sooner rather than later. I will later go on more in depth on the reasons why, but the short version is that Seattle fits our moods and personalities quite well, and a change is needed for sure.

I find that I do not want to interact with Miami at the moment (except for the job interview I have tomorrow), sort of feel like, even though I’m here, I’m still in that travel limbo. I’m gonna use this week to catch up on my mail and other stuff and get back to work next Monday.


  1. I figured you’d be happy. 😉

    We got the Newcomer’s Handbook to Seattle for research, and I have already ordered the Relocation Info Pack from the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Guide to Jewish Washington for info on that aspect as well. I have begun applying to jobs in the greater Seattle area, too, so we’ll see.

    But yeah, after one day back, it was just obvious what we need to do.


  2. I apologize. I’m actually happy for you. I know it’s fun to be excited about a change like that. I guess I was just a little sad for myself. I don’t live in Miami any more, but reading your occasional posts about the city gave me a vicarious connection. And meeting you in Miami–though we did not end up playing a game–reminded me of the times I used to play D&D with my friends in North Miami Beach.

    Anyway, this is about you, not me. So I wish you much luck with the plans. In your search for employment, have you considered what opportunities there might be in the game industry in Seattle?

    As for the Jewish community, it won’t be anything like you have in Miami. On the other hand, that could be good. I’m sure there’s a Chabad.


  3. Don’t worry, it won’t be happening for a while, so you’ll still get the reports from Miami.

    I intend to tap all my contacts in the city for info and whatnot, and 99% of them are people in the gaming industry in one form or another, so yeah, I have very much considered that option.

    As for the Jewish side of things, I was VERY surprised with the vibrancy of the community up there. Yes, it’s not Miami, but it doesn’t slack. It has quite a few kosher dining options, an Albertson’s supermarket with a kosher section (including kosher deli, bakery and butcher) that more than rivals any of the markets down here, and quite a few Orthodox shuls to choose from (including Sephardim minyans and two Chabads).

    It just meets a lot of our needs, so now it’s a matter of finding jobs and seeing when a move is feasible.


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