No D&D 4e For Me (For Now)

Last week was one of those where I literally only got to sit at my computer for like 10 minutes, period. I had my mom and two nephews visiting here all week, which was great, but severely affected my comp time, in addition to the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which meant two days of no electronics at all. So this all amounts to a crapload of backed-up emails, including a series of them from, telling me that the credit card I had given for my D&D 4e Gift Box pre-order was expired (Doh!) and that if I didn’t give a new one, my order would be cancelled. It was. So not only did I not get the box set on release day as is normal for pre-orders (due to stock issues), the great price I had locked in via the pre-order has also gone away, and while the regular price they offer is still a good one compared to regular retail, it bothers me having to give them that extra money. So I’ll be going with, which has it at just two more dollars than I had thought I would pay at I do have to wait for the restock from Wizards, so for now no 4e for me. Which is just fine, as I’ll be traveling this Friday so my thoughts are all about Seattle, not 4e.


  1. Hey Daniel,

    I actually never preordered the books. But all the good hype thats been going on about them made me reconsider. I’ve already picked up the PHB thanks to a great coupon from borders and my borders bucks, and sold some old stuff on ebay allowing me to order the DMG and MM and even the H1 module.

    Now getting my players to try it might be another thing. They’re dead set that they will not play the new edition, I don’t even know what the main issue is, I buy most of the books anyways. 🙂

    I think I might be able to talk them into a one shot to get them interested though. We can still keep our 3.5 game, I just want to try something new once in awhile.

    How’s the Witchhunter game going? I managed to snag that book for a deal when our FLGS went out of the game business.


  2. As I said, I’ll have to wait. I have some opinions about 4e, but I’m reserving full judgement till I read and try it.

    The Witch Hunter game is going great, though slow, because of real-life issues with various players and myself. We should be finishing soon, though and then I’ll write a full report.


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