New d20 System Logo

This is the new d20 System logo on the D&D Miniatures: Dungeons of Dread boxes (thanks for the scan, Mark), which I also assume will be the one used for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

I knew Wizards would retire the current d20 System logo (which for the record, I like better than this new one), but I can’t recall off the top of my head them mentioning a new d20 logo (they might have, but if they did, it was a while back and not something they repeated much after that). What I do remember is that, if things have not changed from their original statements (and frankly, these days anything having to do with the 4e OGL/GSL/Whatever-they-call-it is completely up in the air), this logo will be for exclusive WotC use only.

My hope is that Wizards will have some concrete answers at the GAMA Trade Show in two weeks, but I’m not holding my breath.