Dear Artist…

Dear Artist:

When I commission an illustration from you, you are working for me, for the agreed price. When you show me a sketch and I request some changes but otherwise approve it, if there are no further objections, I expect you to make the changes to the sketch you showed me and proceed to the final illustration. If for some reason you decide to make a whole new sketch, in which you change not only the things I requested before, but also the pose of the figure, the angle, in short, the entire drawing, I expect, then, to be shown the new sketch so I can comment on it and request changes and/or approve it.

When you take the sketch I approved, change it completely into a new drawing and only show me the final product, do not be surprised when I ask what happened, and tell you that I am not happy with the new final product.

Now, I am a sucker and decided to purchase the new final product anyway, mainly because I am fairly handy with Photoshop and believe I can fix the things that I don’t like about this new drawing. However, know that it is highly unlikely that I will work with you again. Which is a shame because your art is pretty good, especially for the price, but there are many more artists out there who are equally as good and know how the process of art commissioning works.

Thank you.

The Publisher

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