Domains of Adventure: The Havenmine Gauntlet (Systemless and d20) – Now Available

Highmoon Media Productions is proud to present Domains of Adventure: The Havenmine Gauntlet.

Situated in a high butte near the bend of a river canyon, Havenmine, named for the predicted security of its lofty location, is anything but safe. A few years ago, when chasing a vein of garnets and other precious gemstones, a house of diligent small folk and a tribe of ambitious kobolds met in a most awkward of situations. After many battles, both the gnomes and kobolds began to fortify their halves of the mine, carving the stone to fit their guerrilla needs, the series of traps and chokepoints known as the Havenmine Gauntlet.

The Havenmine Gauntlet is a systemless 9-page ebook detailing a drop-in location for your fantasy game. It includes a general overview of the location, and area-by-area descriptions of the gauntlet, its challenges and traps.

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Domains of Adventure is a series of systemless products showcasing interesting and unusual locations usable in a variety of games. By focusing on the narrative element instead of the rules mechanics, fans of a variety of rules systems can all enjoy the material and find use for it. To that effect, all Domains of Adventure releases feature additional support in the form of a Rules Appendix, featuring all the rules mechanics relevant to each main release, already translating the narrative elements into ready-to-use stats for a variety of open rules systems. Visit for more info.

Now Available from in Systemless and d20 versions!