4e Preordered

I gave in and preordered the D&D 4th Edition Gift Set at Amazon.com; the price was just too good to pass up (with the 5% pre-order discount, it cost me just about what it would cost a retail store to order it from their distributor). I felt a little guilty for a moment, ordering something I could get in my local game store, and at almost the same cost as they would buy it in order to make a profit, but it passed when I realized the money I was saving. In all seriousness, game retailers should be raising such a stink about this to Wizards; I know I would in their position.

I’m still a bit iffy about 4e, to be honest. I don’t know that this iteration of D&D will be D&D for me; what I’ve seen so far points to a hugely tactical game where I have to keep track of a lot of “teh r0xx0r” options (mainly for combat) in a way that reminds me way too much of (yes, I’ll say it again) World of Warcraft-style gaming. There are elements of 4e that I am liking, though: treating the saves as Defenses makes sense, and being able to target Will as one targets AC means that a social combat system is now perfectly viable with very little tweaking (“I attack with my logical argument, Power Attack with my witty banter, and then Cleave the foppish friend with a finely-tuned insult.”). As a publisher, however, I need to be on top of this, if only so I can inspect all the information before deciding how will Highmoon Media support 4e, if at all. We’ll see in June.


  1. Daniel,

    I totally agree with you. I don’t have a strong interest in 4/e (though I do have some curiosity), but as a design podcaster I feel I need to keep up. And woah, that is an insane price break. I could not pass that up.

    – Ryan


  2. Dude, your social combat bit is hilarious! At the same time, it is also pretty darn intriguing.

    Ya know what’s funny? All of the sudden, I find myself wanting to be a big cheerleader for Pathfinder, even though I don’t know if I’ll ever actually play it.

    But I LOVE the fact that they’ve come out with this thing that says, “Hey, you know all those hundreds of d20 OGL 3.5 books you’ve got sitting on your shelves? Yeah, we’re going to make sure you can still use those and get new content for them to boot!”

    And over 10,000 people scooped up the Pathfinder Alpha in under 1 week? Yeah, that’s sweet.



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