Heroic Moments: Unregistered Mutant – Now Available

Highmoon Media Productions is proud to present Heroic Moments: Unregistered Mutant.

A nice afternoon at the Farmer’s Market, a potentially dangerous young mutant, a powered-armored group of genetic purists. Can you help the young mutant face off the Guardians of Genetic Honesty?
Also includes two new powers, two new pieces of equipment and a new optional rule, the Unexpected Event.

Heroic Moments is the aschan series of single action scenes for four-color superhero games. This series is designed to be dropped seamlessly into any existing superhero campaign. No prep: just a set-up, some bystanders & a villain for your heroes to clobber.


Heroic Moments uses the free 4C System of Marvelous Superheroics.

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