Fear the Visitors: The Return

Dan and Karla (from Fear the Boot) made it back to Miami from their one-week cruise, and today we went out to South Beach, so they could at least see a bit of Miami. We were gonna get dinner later in the evening but they were hungry, so I decided I’d take them to a South Beach icon, Pizza Rustica. I ate there quite a few times before my conversion and it was just a fantastic place with the most amazing gourmet flavors of pizza you could imagine. We made our way to the Beach, with all the standing in traffit that entails (along the way we got to see the very same cruise ship they had spent a week on leaving port with its new contigent of pasty-faced tourists), and after a little less than an hour and a half, parked and started walking to the place.

I thought that it was on Washington Ave and 7th St, and when we got there there was a hole-in-the-wall pizza place called Che Soprano or something, but definitely not Pizza Rustica. “Oh man, they closed it,” I said. It’s not uncommon for businesses, even really famous and succesful ones, to simply dissapear down in South Beach, so I apologized and they got some rinky-dink pizza to tie them over. We walked around Ocean Drive a bit, and went down to the beach itself, making our way back to the car after about an hour since we were gonna meet with my wife to go eat up north in North Beach. As we were driving up north on Washington Ave, we passed that icky pizza joint, and when we get to Washington and 9th St, there was Pizza Rustica! Argh! I apologized profusely to them; they said the other pizza was fine, but I felt like such a bad guide.

In any case, we had dinner at Cine Citta, a fantastic Kosher Italian restaurant up in Bal Harbour, where Dan proceeded to eat yet another pizza (by himself, and I should note he ate about 75% of the earlier pie), this time with a cup of hot chocolate.


Yeah, I told him he was weird right then and there.

We came back to my apt where we had guava and cheese cupcakes my wife had made earlier in the morning, and then I took them to their hotel, where Karla went to sleep and Dan and I recorded an episode of The Gamer Traveler (which I will edit and release this week).

It was cool to have the two Missourians over, and I look forward to turning the tables and going to visit St. Louis (which, from what they tell me, seems to be a sister city to Miami, in all the annoying details).