True20 Ancients

I just got done ironing out all the details with Chris Pramas, and while the contract is on its way from Seattle to Miami, I have been given the ok to talk about this (an official press release will follow soon).

Highmoon Media Productions will be doing the official True20 conversions of the historical Mythic Vistas published by Green Ronin, namely Testament, Trojan War and Eternal Rome. The resulting series will be called True20 Ancients and will be released in parts, each one focusing on one culture from the ancient world. The first one will be True20 Ancients: Rome and work on that is already under way.

For this job I have brought on board Matthew Kaiser, author of the True20 Bestiary. Why Matthew? That’s a good question and the story will be told soon, as I plan to start a design journal for this project over at Let’s just say that Matt coming into this project means the circle is now complete.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity Green Ronin has given us; I thank them profusely and cannot wait to get these books out there already. Keep an eye out here and at for more information.


  1. Well, this is considerably cooler news than your previous post! Godonya, my friend. Now I’m going to have to look at my copy of True20 again and see if I can make it work for me.


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