Fear the Visitors

Fear the Boot‘s Dan Repperger and his wife Karla arrived today in Miami as they are leaving tomorrow in a week-long cruise. So after Shabbat was over, I called them up and picked them up at their hotel near the airport (where the one local cultural experience they can get is going to the nuddie bars that always prop up near airports) and brought them over to my home for some Chinese take-out (yes, we do have Kosher Chinese food). We had a nice evening realizing that St. Louis and Miami apparently are sister cities in how crappy they are, the overpopualtion, the far-as-the-eye-can-see urban sprawl and how we measure distance in time, not miles. Upon their return we’ll get together again, and we might record a special episode of The Gamer Traveler on cruising.

It was fun having them over; I have more friends online than in Miami proper, so it is always nice to connect with some of them.