Oh Productivity, Thy Name is Rainy Day + Delivery + Chest Cold

I had to stay in to await the delivery of our new couch, purchased at IKEA this past Sunday, which would arrive at that magical time known as “between 10 am and 2 pm.” Work has been slow, so it wasn’t a big deal for me to take the time off; I figured that, if it arrived early, I could just go to the office late.

Ha! Today also happens to be a nasty, rainy day in Miami, complete with grey overcast skies and strong, gusty winds. If it were colder, it would be a perfectly Irish day. As is normal, the rain made roadways into crawlways, and the delivery got greatly delayed. The couch got here a bit after 3 pm. Plus it hasn’t stopped raining.

To top it all off, last night I went to bed with a sudden cough and chest tightness, and woke up this morning with an even worse cough, an even tighter chest and my one-octave-lower-I-only-sound-this-cool-when-I’m-sick voice. In short, I’m feeling like crap, so instead of getting in my car, driving 55 miles roundtrip/35 minutes each way for only 2/12 hours of work, I stayed home.

But man, it has been a productive day! I got one episode of The Digital Front almost edited, and have gone through a bunch of stuff, both personal and house stuff, like going over and adding comments to a manuscript then sent in to Evil Hat, ironing out the details of a new project with a big 3rd party publisher (details coming soon), replying to two artists on their questions regarding artwork for upcoming HMP products, setting up a long-in-the-works interview for The Gamer Traveler (plus organizing related info pertaining to it), going through a couple of turns in my Witch Hunter pbem game, doing a load of laundry and the dishes , and setting up the back-end structure for the two big HMP projects for this year. And I still have a few more hours before my wife gets home!

If it wasn’t for the pain in my chest, I’d say this day rocks. As it is, it has been pretty damn good. Who knew this is what it took to be really productive?

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  1. Oh how I miss those “nasty” Miami days. Right now in Washington, there’s a freezing rain and my bushes have collapsed across the front walkway from the weight of ice covering all the branches.

    As to the various gaming projects, I can’t wait to find out what you’ve got in the works.

    Refuah shlaimah.


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