[WttE] Homebound Knights

My two play-by-email games are chuggin’ along greatly, so I figured I’d do an update on both. Let’s start with the D&D game.

West to the Empire
Since my last update (back in Nov!) much has happened. Our first quest completed and the minotaur lord vanquished, the heroes set out further west, heading in the general direction of the city of Argalis, home to my knight, Argus Fisner, by picking up guard duty with a caravan. We stopped in the city of Thelport for a couple of days and we all took the time to purse personal quests; myself, I set out to have Fiendsplitter, the sword of my mentor, repaired, as well as trying to find out more information about it. Thelport was suffering from some bad flooding problems, and being the nosy low-level character I am, set out to find out what the problem was. Before I knew it, the paladin captain of the guard had sent me out to the ruins of a mad wizard’s tower named Alaustor to seek out the root of the problem. I set out with two companions, the dwarf Veit and the spellcaster Raquelle, though before long, due to family issues,  it was just me as the sole player (Raquelle is an NPC).

I can’t recall the last time I had played a lone wolf game, but in the pbem format, this was incredibly easy (for me at least; Mark was running three separate groups at the moment in this pbem, and I know that his Star Wars pbem party had also split up) and allowed for really fast game play. In fact, where the first adventure took us a couple of months to complete, this one in Thelport took us about a month and a half, and only because the holidays were right in the middle of it. I won’t spoil the ending of the adventure, but suffice to say we solved the mystery of Thelport’s flooding and vanquished the… wizard living in the ruins. Between the loot from that crawl and the reward we received from the city guard, I was able to have my sword repaired and hire a sage to investigate the origins and powers of the blade, and wow, was that worth it.

There are a couple of things I have done in this pbem game that I don’t recall ever having done in a face-to-face game:

  1. During the minotaur adventure, we all left the dungeon to rest and allow the cleric a view of the night sky, which she needs to regain her spells.
  2. Not only did we leave the dungeon, I went back into town to purchase healing, and then went back to the group.
  3. I did that again in Thelport, going back into the city to purchase magical healing. This is the bane of extensive dungeon crawling.
  4. Started an adventure, then dropped it, unfinished.

That last one happened after I was done with my adventure and personal quests in Thelport, but the rest of the party was still engaged in their own adventure. Mark threw out a lead, I followed it, but after starting it out and finding out some of the information to be had, I dropped it because of a lack of local connection to the area, therefore to the adventure itself, and because we wanted to leave Thelport already. During that stint we lost two party members, gained a new one, and lost a player who left for personal reasons.

We have now arrived in the city of Argalis, and here my character apparently has taken center stage. Argus Fisner is part of a minor noble family that is in somewhat of a decline, and he has come home to find his family manor in greater disarray than expected, his father dead, and his cousin, Tobias, who runs the family’s affairs, still the same ass he remembered him to be. Not only that but a cleric of Justicia (the goddess Argus follows), she who really was responsible for turning Argus into more than another bored noble and helped him join the Order of the Red Gryphon, has been murdered and her killer is now wanted. Their names? The cleric was Lady Aleena, and her killer the wicked wizard Bargle the Infamous.

Oh yes, they of the Red Box. Can we say “Revenge?”

On the personal side, I look forward to some intense roleplaying with Argus. They way I set this up, Argus and his cousin Tobias are the only male heirs to the family title and holdings, with Argus having obvious priority. Thing is, since Argus joined the Order of the Red Gryphon five years ago, the one who has really been there to help the elder Fisner run the family affairs has been Tobias, who is understandably jealous. With papa Fisner now gone, the issue of the inheritance is forced, and that means Argus will have to choose where his future lies, as a knight helping out in the world, or as head of his family. Good stuff all around.

Who said that a play-by-email game cannot be intense and fulfilling?

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