The Tangled Ways of Cthulhu

I have something in the works for this year that references (to what extent we’ll see) the Cthulhu Mythos. I am aware, after years in gaming, that Chaosium has some sort of overriding right to the Great Old One as far as gaming, but no actual knowledge of what the legal issue is and how it affects someone else using the names/concepts. So I sent an email to Chaosium to find out what the real deal is and how I can work with it for the benefit of my product.

I got a very nice reply today explaining the situation and what the status of rights is (which I greatly appreciate as I realize this could fall under Legal Counseling and I could have been told to consult a lawyer). Wow. I mean, it seems to be pretty straightforward, but there are a lot of possible implications about how to/not to use the terms and concepts. I sent in my reply with what I think is the gist of it so I now await a confirmation. Based on that reply, I will decide how to proceed with my project.

I do think I need to make a Sanity check…