New Job!

It has been a very hectic last couple of days. I got called on Wednesday to a job interview on Thursday. I went to the interview on Thursday and on Friday I started at my new job! Say hello to the new Webmaster for Miami Dining & Entertainment Magazine.

Miami D&E is a new magazine launching now in Jan. 08 dedicated to bringing locals and visitors alike all the cool spots for dining and partying, and all the special events going on in a particular month. My job is to keep the website current with the info on the mag, and to grow our awareness via social networks and other online mediums. Yes, I get paid to update the website and play on MySpace. 🙂

I will also get the chance to work on magazine layout little by little, which is awesome as it gives me more practice that I can then apply to all my other endeavors. I’m very excited about this new opportunity and I hope to do well by it. All of you, my webmaster friends, prepare to get more questions from me from now on. 😉

Off I go. The magazine goes to print on Monday, Dec. 31 and I need to put in a few hours on this Sunday. Weirdly, I don’t mind. I guess that’s what happens after you have been unemployed for 6 months: you welcome the chance to work again.


  1. Just to be crystal clear, I did not design the site, it was already done when I joined. My job is to update the current site, though I have leeway if I want to do a new design (which I don’t, at least not for now; that one works just fine and dandy). I say this because a comment that I deleted derided me for claiming someone else’s work as mine, and that is not the case, though I wasn’t clear on what was there when I joined and what will be my responsibility henceforth.


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