Internet Connection Woes

I am about to smash my laptop, my wife’s laptop, my wireless router and my DSL modem all against a very hard wall!!!

Ever since a couple week’s ago when I had a huge problem with a bad installation of Norton Internet Security that sent my laptop into a downward spiral of stop errors, I have not had stable internet connection at home. My wife’s laptop worked fine for a few days, but now it also is not holding on to the signal coming from the router. And now, the router itself is just sending out a very unstable signal that sometimes goes down all the way to 1 Mbps.

I’ve not been able to do a lot of work in the last week, my recovery aside, and this is only going to get more annoying. I am about to reinstall Windows XP on this machine, but I keep stalling because that would mean having to reinstall a crapload of programs all over again. But if I have to, I will.

Just allow me to say: ARGH!!!