Update: Of Car Accidents, Network Problems, and Surgery

So, very quickly, it has been a super busy week for me.
Last Friday, Nov. 30, I had a car accident when a lady did an illegal U-turn and, though I slammed on my brakes and swerved to the left, I smacked into her with the side of my car.


I’m fine and so was she, and the insurances will take care of it all, but I am now without a car which sucks.

On Monday, Dec. 3, while renewing my subscription to Norton Internet Security 2007, and updating to 2008, my computer when into a spastic rash of stop errors, all caused by a wonky Norton installation. The result was the my laptop lost all its Network Connections and I am unable to go online except with an Ethernet cable, as I am right now. Which sucks the big one because of what comes next, which means I have very limited connectivity to the outside world unless I am in the living room.

Then on Wed., Dec. 5, I had minor, outpatient surgery for something I won’t disclose here. I’m doing fine, with some discomfort, but nothing I can’t deal with.


Now I’m home, recovering, and having to come to the living room to go online instead of laying on my bed surfing using my once-fine wireless connection.

So this week I will go back to the doctor for a check-up, take the car to the body shop for repairs, and finish uninstalling Norton from both our computers (it also started messing up my wife’s computer, so out it goes!) and demaning a refund for our renewal fees.

But hey, Chanukah is going awesome this year!

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