Short Book Review: The Looking Glass Wars, by Frank Beddor

This was a great and fun read from start to finish. I’m a sucker for re-interpretations of the classics, and from the moment I saw The Looking Glass Wars on a table at the Miami International Book Fair I knew I had to read it.

Beddor knows his stuff, and he can spin a good yarn very well. His extrapolation of Wonderland is fantastic and it feels very much like a living, breathing world. Half the fun is figuring out the supposed real source of the caricature presented by Lewis Caroll in his Wonderland books, but the other half is getting lost in the story of Alyss’s struggle to regain the throne of Wonderland from her evil aunt Redd. I’m very glad this is just the first in a projected trilogy, and I anxiously await the next installment, Seeing Redd.

Oh, and for the roleplayers out there, this world rocks as a setting for a game. Seriously.


  1. I haven’t read this book yet but I love Alice in Wonderland. In fact, I was talking about the book today with my daughter who just finished reading it.

    You know, in 1983, TSR did publish two AD&D modules based on the Alice stories, EX1 “Dungeonland” and EX2 “The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror.” I don’t remember if I played them back then or not, but I do still have them on my shelf.

    And for a fantastic modern take on fairy tale roleplaying (including Alice in Wonderland), check out the just reissued (now non-d20 version) of Grimm by Fantasy Flight Games (“Roleplaying Adventures in a World of Twisted Fairy Tales”).


  2. Many thanks for your enthusiastic leap into the pool of tears to assist Alyss/Hatter in their harrowing adventures into pop culture.

    We would like to share with you new revelations from Wonderland as they come into the Looking Glass Wars Library and Hatter M Institute. If you’re interested in receiving this confidential material, before it becomes public, please supply a secure email address.

    The LGW Librarian


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