Ireland: Dublin, Day 4

Monday, Dec 2, 2002

Being our last day in Ireland, we decided to take it easy and simply walk around Dublin, catching sights we had wanted to see. The first stop was Merrion Square, smack in the middle of Georgian Dublin. The square is one huge park, and inside is the statue of Oscar Wilde, one of our favorite writers. We sought it out, took a few pictures and then walked around the park, just drinking in the calm of the area. Along the edge we saw the Georgian house where W. B. Yeats had lived while a member of parliament, as well as Wilde’s childhood home.

Danny & Oscar at Merrion Square. While Wilde
may be looking a bit pale, his clothes are stylish as always.
Dec. 2, 2002

From Merrion Square we embarked on a very long walk to go see the Irish Jewish Museum, nestled in a southern residential area of Dublin, and away from everything. The walk was great in that we got to see working-day Dublin, but we were tired, and when we finally found the place, we found out it was closed. The museum changed its times of operations: it used to be closed on Sundays and open on Mondays, but they had reversed that and we were not aware of it. We took the photo below to prove we had made it there, and hiked all the way back once more, grumbling that the Irish were just making it so that we would have to return at least once more! The gall!

Signpost at the Irish Jewish Museum,
which we found out was closed only after we got there.
Dec. 2, 2002

We went next to St. Stephen’s Green, detouring to see the Bram Stoker house, and going into St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre for a duffel bag to carry all the extra stuff we had bought. We were in luck: we found a great bag for only €10! After we had lunch at the Green, under the monument to Yeats (a weird figure in bronze that as far as either of us could discern had no association with Yeats or his work). The weather was super windy and really cold, and even with the sun beating down, it was almost impossible to eat as our hands were freezing. We gave all our leftover pita bread to the ducks in the park, and then made a beeline for Cornucopia for some hot soup. Did we mention we liked Cornucopia?

Our afternoon was completed with our favorite pastime: book shopping! We went into used bookstores and new bookstores, only stopping because we were really tired, though not before buying like 8 new books! And for anyone who loves books, Dublin is a paradise, especially Dowson Street. So many bookstores!!! After this we went for our last meal in Dublin (guess where?) and then headed back to Dun Laoghaire to pack. We later went out for a pint, and ended up watching a football game on the TV (West Ham 0-1Southampton), going back to finish packing and going to bed at 1 am.