Ireland: Dingle, Day 2

Friday, Nov 22, 2002

Friday we decided to spend it in town. We slept late, then drove down to Dingle and walked pretty much every single one of its streets up and down. The tide was low, and following Rick Steves’ suggestion, we decided to walk all the way to the mouth of the harbor. However, we had arrived in Ireland just a few days after the south had been experiencing a week-long period of heavy rains, and the mud was unbearable, more than once almost succeeding in stealing our shoes and socks! So we simply walked around Dingle, checking out the local art, and buying a few things: a traditional Irish wool hat for Danny; natural Irish soaps by Gallunac; a stoneware mug from Louis Mulcahy Pottery; “Twenty Years a-Growing”, a collection of stories by Blasket Islander Maurice O’Sullivan; and “Time to Sail”, a CD by local artist/teacher/musician at John Benny Moriarty’s Pub Eilis Kennedy.