Reliving Ireland

For our honeymoon, my wife and I went on a 2-week trip around Ireland. It was an amazing experience, one that we treasure to this day, and one we wanted to repeat for our 5th anniversary. Unfortunately, we couldn’t swing it to make it Ireland this year, so that’s a bummer. To recapture that awesome trip, though, I will be posting daily entries about our activities in Ireland on each corresponding day 5 years ago.

Armed with our trusty journals and excellent guidebooks, we set out to conquer the land of a thousand welcomes, Ireland.

Danny’s journal Yvette’s Journal

Rick Steves’ Ireland – Rick’s guide was our main source for info, from sights to food. It was accurate, fun and simply the best guide anyone can take. His travel insights are great to give you that “back door Europe” feel, and his listings of accommodations, eateries and sights is non-par. Guidebooks just don’t get better than this. We used the 2002 edition.
Fodor’s Exploring Ireland – Not quite a yearly guidebook like Rick Steves’, it is a guidebook packed with background info on Ireland. It includes walks, tours, and history, and made Ireland come alive for us. The great thing about the book is that it covers all of Ireland, where Rick only covers the highlights. Came in quite handy when we were driving all over the countryside.
We used the 4th edition.

Follow the trip chronologically here:

  1. Ireland: Departure
  2. Ireland: Arrival & Kilkenny
  3. Ireland: Driving & Rock of Cashel
  4. Ireland: Dingle, Day 1
  5. Ireland: Dingle, Day 2
  6. Ireland: Dingle, Day 3
  7. Ireland: Driving, Cliffs of Moher & Galway
  8. Ireland: Connemara & Sligo
  9. Ireland: Sligo, Antrim Coast & Giant’s Causeway
  10. Ireland: Belfast
  11. Ireland: Newgrange & Dublin
  12. Ireland: Dublin, Day 1
  13. Ireland: Dublin, Day 2
  14. Ireland: Dublin, Day 3
  15. Ireland: Dublin, Day 4
  16. Ireland: Return Home & Addendum

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